The Best Job Search Sites of 2019

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Job search websites are online search engines that give consumers access to numerous job postings. Users can use filters like job title, location, and estimated salary to narrow down their search, and then apply for each individual opening. Users are encouraged to make an account so they can upload a resume, keep track of their applications, and be notified of new, potentially interesting positions. Depending on the kind of posting, users may apply for the job opening through the third-party website or be redirected to apply directly on the company’s site. Job search websites typically offer additional features such as career advice, company information, and resume help.

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 Abattoir Operative - Food and Drink Manufacturing
 Accommodation Warden - Facilities Management
 Accountant - Industry and Commerce - Accountancy
 Accountant - Private Practice - Accountancy
 Accountant - Public Sector - Accountancy
 Accounting Technician - Accountancy
 Actor - Drama and Theatre Technology
 Actuary - Financial Services
 Acupuncturist - Alternative Medicine
 Administrative Assistant or Officer - Courts - Legal Support Services
 Advertising Account Executive - Advertising, Marketing and PR
 Advertising Account Planner - Advertising, Marketing and PR
 Advertising Copywriter - Advertising, Marketing and PR
 Advice Worker - Advisory Services
 Advocate - Law (Professional)
 Advocates' Clerk - Legal Support Services
 Aerial and Satellite Installers - Electrical and Electronic Engineering
 Aerospace Engineer - Aeronautical Engineering
 Agricultural Consultant - Agriculture
 Agricultural or Horticultural Scientist - Agriculture
 Air Cabin Crew - Air Transport
 Air Conditioning Engineer - Engineering General
 Air Quality Consultant - Environmental Services
 Air Traffic Controller - Air Transport
 Aircraft Mechanic or Engineer - Aeronautical Engineering
 Airline or Airport Passenger Service Assistant - Air Transport
 Airline Pilot - Air Transport
 Ambulance Care Assistant - Ambulance Services
 Ambulance Technician - Ambulance Services
 Ames Taper - Construction Crafts
 Anatomical Pathology Technologist - Medical Technology
 Animal Care Assistant - Work with Animals
 Animal Technician - Work with Animals - Science General
 Animator - Fine Art or Graphic Design
 Arborist - Arboriculture and Horticulture
 Archaeologist - Culture and Heritage
 Architect - Architecture
 Architectural Technologist - Architecture
 Archivist - Libraries and Information Science
 Army – Officer - Armed Services
 Army – Soldier - Armed Services
 Aromatherapist - Wellbeing
 Art Therapist - Therapists
 Arts Administrator - Arts Administration
 Assembler - Electronics - Electrical and Electronic Engineering
 Assistance Dog Trainer - Work with Animals
 Astronomer or Astrophysicist - Physics
 Auctioneer - Retail and Sales
 Audiologist - Medical Technology
 Automotive Engineer - Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (including Fabrication and Welding)

 Cabinet Maker - Furniture
 CAD Technician - Engineering General
 Call Centre Agent - Call Centres
 Camera Operator - Media and Broadcasting
 Car Valet - Vehicle Related Services
 Cardiac Physiologist - Medical Technology
 Care Assistant or Support Worker - Social Work or Social Care
 Care Home Manager - Social Work or Social Care
 Careers Adviser - Advisory Services
 Caretaker - Facilities Management
 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner - Property Services
 Cartographer - Surveying
 Cashier - Financial Services
 Catering Manager - Hospitality
 CCTV Operator - Police and Security Work
 Ceiling Fixer - Construction Crafts
 Cemetery Worker - General Services
 Ceramic Designer - 3 Dimensional Design
 Character Artist - Fine Art or Graphic Design - Web and Multimedia
 Charity Fundraiser - Advertising, Marketing and PR
 Chef or Cook - Hospitality
 Chemical Engineer - Chemical and Materials Engineering
 Chemical Engineering Technician - Chemical and Materials Engineering
 Chemical Plant Process Operative - Chemical and Materials Engineering
 Chemist - Chemistry and Materials Science
 Childminder - Childcare and Education
 Children’s Holiday Representative - Travel and Tourism - Childcare and Education
 Chiropractor - Alternative Medicine
 Choreographer - Dance
 Cinema or Theatre Assistant - Leisure
 Cinema or Theatre Manager - Leisure
 Civil Engineer - Civil and Structural Engineering
 Civil Engineering Technician - Civil and Structural Engineering
 Civil Service Administrative Assistant and Officer - Public Services Administration
 Civil Service Administrator - Fast Stream - Public Services Administration
 Classroom Assistant - Primary or Early Years - Education Support
 Cleaner - Property Services
 Clerical or Administrative Assistant - Administration and Management General
 Clerk of Court - Legal Support Services
 Clerk of Works - Building Technology and Management
 Clinical or Biomedical Engineer - Medical Technology
 Clinical Perfusionist - Medical Technology
 Clinical Photographer - Photography
 Clothing Alteration Hand - Fashion or Textile Design - Personal Services
 CNC Machinist - Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (including Fabrication and Welding)
 Coastguard - Emergency Services
 Colour Technologist - Chemistry and Materials Science
 Commissioning Editor - Publishing and Writing
 Community Arts Worker - Community Arts
 Community Education Officer - Community Education
 Community Enforcement Officer - Police and Security Work
 Company Secretary - Administration and Management General
 Composer or Songwriter - Music
 Computer Forensic Analyst - IT Security
 Conference Producer - Advertising, Marketing and PR
 Construction Manager or Site Manager - Building Technology and Management
 Control and Instrument Engineer - Electrical and Electronic Engineering
 Copy Editor - Publishing and Writing
 Costume Designer - Fashion or Textile Design
 Counsellor - Psychology and Counselling
 Countryside Ranger or Warden - Environmental and Rural Resource Management
 Courier - Road Transport
 Craft Designer or Worker - 3 Dimensional Design
 Credit Manager - Financial Services
 Crematorium Technician - Personal Services
 Crime Scene Examiner - Police and Security Work
 Croupier - Leisure
 Cruise Ship Worker - Sea Transport
 Customer Service Administrator - Administration and Management General

Job search websites are an incredibly useful for prospective employees to apply for jobs from the comfort of their own homes, or even on the go. Many job search websites will keep users in the know regarding their application status. Most of them will also offer career advice, which can range from resume help to interview tips. Finally, company information and reviews can help consumers veer towards companies with positive feedback and steer away from potentially fraudulent ones.

When comparing job search websites, it’s important to consider two things first: the website’s model and its focus. Some job search websites are aggregators who will redirect interested users to a company’s own webpage, while others are job boards where companies post their openings directly. Most modern job search websites incorporate aspects of both models to stay relevant and provide multiple choices to users. A job search website might not have any particular focus, as is for the industry’s leaders, or it may specialize in job opening and companies from a particular sector, such as IT or finance. Consumers should make sure they are using the job search website that is most appropriate for their employment needs.

One thing to avoid when looking for job search websites is older, inferior websites that may no longer compare with larger competitors who feature a a variety of postings. Avoiding websites that focus on industries you are not interested in is a given as well. Another thing to keep an eye out for are job search websites that don’t protect your personal information once uploaded onto the site. Most websites will charge companies for looking at a user’s resume and contact information. However, some may leave said information unguarded for anyone to find and use to their liking.