The Taipei Representative Office in Singapore has specially established the Taiwan Thesis Scholarship to encourage students of Singapore universities to undertake research on Taiwan.


Singaporean students who are studying at any of the six publicly-funded universities in Singapore and whose thesis is on Taiwan.  Application for the scholarship must be made in the same year of obtaining the relevant degree.


The value of the scholarship is S$4,000 for a PhD thesis holder, S$3,000 for a Masters degree holder and S$2,000 for a Honors degree holder.

Number of Awards:

Up to five scholarship awards are given annually.


Application by registered mail opens from 1 June to 31 July of each year. Late applications will not be considered.
Documents to be submitted: Application Form (as attached) and four copies of applicant’s thesis that has been reviewed by the university.

The Taipei Representative Office in Singapore makes a preliminary selection based on eligibility requirements.
A distinguished judging panel comprising scholars and experts will assess the thesis submissions of each candidate. The panel will decide on the award of the scholarship based on a set of criteria and its decision will be final.
Successful applicants will be notified in writing in the month of December. The results will also be available on our website.
Rights and Obligations:

Scholarship recipients must have academic integrity. Any form of academic dishonesty (including but not limited to any form of cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation, etc.) will not be tolerated.  Any recipient guilty of academic dishonesty will be stripped of the scholarship and also be required to pay back all scholarship monies disbursed.
Scholarship recipients are required to attend the official scholarship award ceremony.

Email            : sgp_press@mofa.gov.tw