Study in Indonesia: Indonesian Goverment scholarships for Students From Developing Countries 2018

Scholarship Details and Faqs

For the academic year 2018/2019, the Goverment of the Republicof indonesia once more invites the foreign students to particapate in the Darmasiswa Scholarship at several Universities in Indonesia

When is the application daeadline?
18th Februari 2018

Is the Scholarship/opportunity offered annualy? Yes
Which countries are eligible for the Scholarship? Developing Countrie s
In which host country will i be studying?
Scholarship wil be taken at tge following Universities in Indonesia.

What are the eligible courses and fields of study?
Agricurtural Sciences,Education,Engineering,Humanities,Multi-disciplanary Studies,Social Science and Sciences

Wha is the Scholarship about ?
The Goverment of the Republic of Indonesia is annually offering the Darmasiswa Scholarship, a non-degree scholarship degree  schplarship program offered to all foreign students from countries which have diplomatic relationsip with indonesia to study bahasa indonesia (indonesia language), art and culture. participants can choose one of selected universities (59 univesitie) located in different  cities in indonesia.This program is organized by the ministary of education and culture (MOEC) in cooperation  with the ministary of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The scholarship will be awarded to 650 applicants.
The DARMASISWA program waas started in 1974 as part of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) initiative, admitting only students rfom ASEAN. However, in 1976 this program was extented to include students from other countries which have diplomatic relationship whith indonesia. Until to date, the number of countries particpating in this program in more than 80 countries.
The main purpose of the DARMASISWA program is to promote and increase the interest in the language and cultural links and understanding among participating countries.

Offerdsince: 2002
What is the course level?
Undergraduate, Masters

Howdo I know if i'm eligible for the scholarship? and Selection Criteria
Each student has to fulfill these requirement as the follows :

  1. Preferably Student;
  2. Completed secondary education or its equivalent;
  3. Minimum age 17 years and not older than 35 years of age;
  4. Able to communicate in English  and additional Bahasa indonesia is required (Proven by English Language Proviciecy Certificate : TOEFL/ TOEIC/ IELTS or CERTEVIATE if applicable);
  5. in good health as proven by Medical Crtevicate
  6. Unmarried 
  7. Have basic knowledge of the field  you're appliying.
How many scholarship awards arw available?
Scholarship Benefit

  • living Alowance and accomodation 
  • Research and book allowances (will be given during the master program)
  • Halth insurance
How long will the scholarship last/of sponsorship
  • 8 months of indonesian language program
  • 4 months of preparotory program 
  • 24 months (4semester) of master programs
How to apply for the scholarship
all documents must be submitted to your account in

  1. Curriculum vitae/resume
  2. Medical certevicate
  3. pasport valid at least 18 months from time of arrival in indonesia (estimated arrival : 1stAgust 2018
  4. Recomendation Letter From Education / Professional Institutions /Professional Institution o official letterhead and signature (in English)
  5. lLast academic transcript and certivicates (in english) 
  6. Language certivicate (if applicable)
  7. Other certivicates thet related to the field you're appliying (if applicable)
  8. Writing essay about purpose of study (in english or bahas indonesia ,aximum words)
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