Home Decor Trends for 2018

Home Décor Trends for 2018 – Be Prepared for What’s Hot in Home Décor!

Helloshabby.com -Trends of course come and go, and especially where home décor trends are concerned, tastes are constantly shifting, as new materials, bold new colors and fresh perspectives are introduced into the interior design scene.

As home remodelers and builders, we are regularly engaged in what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to the very latest in design and home décor styles. Whether chic and elegant, minimalist and feng shui, or rustic and woodsy, we always do our best to keep up with the latest home trends. Offering you some insight into next year’s interior design styles, here’s our list of a few of the hottest up and coming home décor trends.

Complementing Colors that Also Contrast

Yes this may seem a contradiction, but trust us, it’s not! Bright red and vibrant blue or cool grey and a playful green. While these types of colors provide a deep and dimensional contrast, they also complement each other quite well. Especially if used in terms of furnishings or artwork, your 2018 room will get the benefit of a colorful combination that serves to add a ton of energy and life to it.

Everything is Getting a Little “Fringe-worthy”

You guessed it, that 1960’s and 70’s staple seen on everything from curtains, to leather vests, to afghans is back, and this time it’s sporting a 21st century twist. In the coming year, you will see throw pillows, wall hangings, even some furniture pieces adorned with a stylish new brand of fringe. This design motif is very much considered a retro chic inclusion in an otherwise modern design scheme.

Nesting with Nature in Mind
Creating that ultra-comfy feel, that warm and inviting space has always been “in,” but in 2018 this comfy-ness will also include a more natural feel. Finding ways to bring nature in, to embody that essential spirit of the outdoors within your house will be one of the hottest home décor trends. Whether through the inclusion of more wood, of opening up a room by adding more natural light, or even finding creative ways to integrate plant life, nature will make your home hip.

Artisan Crafted Everything!
From furniture, to counters and cabinets, to lighting, anything hand crafted and artisanal inspired will definitely be trending. In many ways, 2018 will pay homage to the timelessness of true craftsmanship. And accenting your home for instance with hand blown glass orb lighting, or custom wood slab tables, or cabinetry that bears the mark of its carpenter, will certainly add a lot more character to any room.

Simply Fun Rugs
Throw rugs have always been a popular home décor trend, but in the next year you’ll start to see people have some fun with them. Featuring everything from giant clocks, to tropical prints, to geometric shapes, area rugs in any room of the house are going to be a very popular, and potentially colorful choice!

Homes Are Getting Smarter
Not necessarily a home décor trend, but most certainly a trend, homes will be getting noticeably smarter come 2018. Including doorbells that tell you who’s on your porch, to lights and shades that are controlled via your smart phone, to appliances that can notify you when servicing is needed, be ready for a technological home revolution come 2018.

Farmhouse Meets Fabulous
A reinvented farmhouse style will be a recurrent design motif in 2018. When you think farmhouse, you most likely think quaint, rustic, simple and handmade. In the new year, farmhouse style will enter with a whole new level of chicness added to it. Interior decorating experts are predicting that traditional farmhouse décor will be refreshed by complementing modern styles, colors and accents.

Appliance Downsizing
Appliances are getting smarter and smaller!  It’s no longer going to be about the “bigger the better” when it comes to your kitchen appliances. Minimizing the size and scale of your fridge, stove and dishwasher while maximizing their function and efficiency will definitely be on the home décor radar for 2018. And especially with people moving more toward fresher, cleaner foods, that behemoth freezer and over sized microwave may no longer be quite as necessary.

2018 definitely promise to bring some eye catching changes and inspired looks as far as home décor trends. If you’re considering remodeling or renovating a room or even your whole house, and want to incorporate some of the newest looks and styles, we would be more than happy to consult with you and figure out how to make your home hot for 2018!