Second : Tips For First Student

11. Have the courage of your confusions
In high school, a good student is supposed to know all the answers and get everything right. But in college, you take on more dificult challenges and more demanding is no longer possible to have "all the answer". Beyond college,that kind of high school perfection isn"t even remotely possible.learn to be patient with others and with yourself.learn to function well in situations where 100% success isn't possible; seek out and value the big questions which are more important than answer.

12. Be Patient With Yourself
you will make errors or mistakes during your collegiate carer. Please be assured that you are not DOOMED. When you realize, or even think, you have goofed, set out to correct it.

13. Make You Own Desisions
Seeking advice is always nice. trying to play it safe and avoid making desisions can lead to as many problems as making uninformed or risky choices. weigh options and gather as much information as possible. Accept responsiblity for you decisions.

14. You Are In School For You Education, Not Someone else's
If you enter college just to pleace everyone elese, or even anyone else, you will and aup pleasing no one. if you let others decide what you are going to study, where you attend college, and what you are going to be, you have ignored you responsiblity to yourself.

15. Know Your Academic Situation Before the withdraw period
If you have a quastions  or concern about how you are doing in a class, go to  the professor and discuss it. keep your self informed  and record all grades received for each assignment. red each syllabus carefully, and pay attention to the weightof alla assignments as they determine the final grade in each course.keep all grades updated.

16. Learn To Communicate In The Classroom
There are no dumb questions concerning subject metter.if you don't know understand somethin, chances are several of your classmates don't either. learning to ask questoins is a skill. develop it!

17. Saveguard Your Phisical And Well-Being
When exhausted, rest. Eat proper food and know when to relax. plan exercise into your schedule. No one is going to thank you for working yourself into a frazzle or getting ill, let aline for staying up all night. It is amazing how many students demand their independence  and simply do not know how to take care of themeselves.

18. Accept Responsiblityfor Yourself and Behavior
If what you say and do is prompted by others, or if nothing  is ever your fault because others " puhed" you, you canot claim tro be an adult, just an immature follower.

19. It Does Not Help To Blame Others for your Academic Problem
If you are not doing well academically, get help. Very few students get trugh college without some assistance. if it takes you longer to learn material or even to graduate, so what? Go To Class and participate. don't blame your professors, your roomate, or you teaching assistants.get their help to eliminate the problems.

20. Locate And  Use All Uniersity Services
The university does want you to succeed and will help you by means if all its services. These range from math and writing skills centers to personal counseling. let the university serve you. after all, it is your school. you are paying for these services anyway, in the from of tuition an fees.