Extra Tips International Students Should Know When Applying To University In The UK

It’s important to ensure you tick all the right boxes when you’re applying for university. And as an international student, you may find that there are extra boxes that you need to tick. Your application process doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, it’s quite simple, especially when you follow our extra tips that international students should know when applying to university in the UK.

Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Applying.

Get Yourself An Adviser

To make the whole process that much simpler, get an international study abroad adviser to help you. Their role is to guide you through every step, helping you with every aspect of applying to a university abroad. From helping you choose a university, to applying for your visa and ensuring your settled in to your new home, advisers can be a real comfort to you as you head into higher education abroad. Here at IEC Abroad, we’ve helped thousands of international students find their perfect educational institution and apply successfully.

As Well As Having Relevant Qualifications, You Must Prove Competent English Language Skills

As an international student looking to study in the UK, not only do you have to provide evidence of adequate qualifications, you need to prove that you have good enough English language skills to successfully learn in English. To do so you can take the IELTS which provides you with a qualification that is accepted by UK universities.

Don’t Forget Your Visa

Students who are not residents of the UK or the EU who wish to study in the UK must first obtain a student visa. If you have a study abroad adviser helping you, they can make sure you fill out all the application forms correctly and the process moves along as smoothly as possible. To successfully obtain a visa you may need to prove your English language skills.

Fees For International Students Are Higher

When you’re planning your funding for studying in the UK, it’s important to take note that tuition fees for international students are different – and they’re more expensive. Each education provider sets their own fees so don’t assume every place is the same. It’s worth having a look at whether you’re eligible for any scholarships, discounts or financial help. Some international students find sponsors from their home country to help them pay their fees.
The most important thing to remember though is to enjoy the process. Going to university should be an exciting time and choosing to study in the UK is such a rewarding experience. For extra help and advice about studying abroad and in the UK, contact us at IEC Abroad today.