-Accounting is not merely the adding or subtracting of amounts. It also includes many aspects of business. It is the calculating, processing, measuring and reporting of all aspects relating to finance. This field includes creditors, management, investors, auditing, reporting, payroll, taxes, assets and more. Accounting is used in all areas of the world and not only for businesses. It includes personal, corporate, governments, banking, businesses, companies, and organizations.

It is known to be the way financial health is conveyed. There are multiple career prospects within the field of accounting and can lead you anywhere in the world.

Accounting Scholarships Available

Accounting offers a wide selection of study fields to eligible applicants. Below is some of the fields you can consider if looking for a scholarship.
Accounting fields may include:
Most accounting scholarships will stretch over a 12-month period. Yet, some may be shorter or longer, it will depend on the company.

Companies providing Accounting Scholarships

Accounting Scholarships Requirements

Some of the accounting scholarships provided be international institutes or companies are only available to applicants from African countries.
Basic Accounting Scholarship requirements:
  • All candidates must be permanent residents of South Africa
  • You must have a legal ID document and where required a Passport
  • All applicants must have a Grade 12 certification
  • Your academic records must be exceptional
  • Applicants must hold a diploma or degree in required field where applicable
Candidates who have a qualification in the field of application will not be considered. Candidates who have a disability is encouraged to also apply. These applicants must submit a medical certificate with their application. The certificate must show the nature of their disability.

Accounting Scholarships Application

Accounting scholarships application online can be done through the website of most companies these days. However, some might still use email, postage or hand delivery systems. If this is the case, it will clearly be stated on the website of the company. If you find a company offering you what you seek, then apply once their applications open. Be sure to follow the instructions as provided by the company.
Incomplete, late or applications without documentation will be discarded. Never submit your original documentation, always make copies and have them certified. You may not apply for a scholarship if you already hold one. If you have a full-time occupation, you will not qualify as these scholarships are only for students. Once applications close, please wait three months before making any inquiries.

Accounting Scholarships Closing Date

Some of the companies offering scholarships in applicable accounting fields are closed during the middle of the year. Most accounting scholarships either open the beginning of the year or closer to the end of the year. Study will begin with the start of the next year after scholarships are awarded. Only applicants selected to be placed on the shortlist will be contacted. An interview may be required and/or additional assessments before awarding of scholarships.