MASTERCARD FOUNDATION SCHOLARS 2018 -The first five Mastercard Foundation Scholars at Sciences Po are all first-year Bachelor’s students in the Europe-Africa programme on the Reims campus. They come from five different countries, making this first cohort representative of Africa in all its diversity.

Fitiavana Andry is from Antananarivo, Madagascar, where she studied and obtained her baccalauréat at Lycée Jules Ferry. Fitiavana was voted Best Young Patriot of Madagascar as part of a programme to promote democratic principles, citizenship and civic engagement. Convinced that new technologies can help advance equal rights, Fitiavana wants to reduce the digital divide in Madagascar by developing women's involvement in the digital technology industry and universal access to education, among other strategies.

Ashale Chi completed high school at Enko La Gaieté International School in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Ashale is particularly interested in health-related issues and has already volunteered at the Yaoundé hospital and the Cameroon Red Cross, and participated in awareness-raising activities among rural populations. Determined to democratise access to health care, Ashale wants to devote her future career to implementing effective public policies for dealing with health crises, equipping Cameroon with a real epidemic management system and ensuring universal health care access.

Romaric Compaore is from Burkina Faso and graduated from the International School of Ouagadougou. Before coming to Sciences Po, he led the fundraising campaign for a project to build a water tower. He aims to continue his engagement in this area and contribute one day to developing Burkinabe agriculture through social entrepreneurship. Driven by pan-Africanism, Romaric wants to work towards making collaboration between local actors one of the vectors of economic integration in Africa.

Astou Diouf studied at Lycée Mariama Ba on the Île de Gorée in Senegal. Astou recently attended a summer camp focused on developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills, where she presented a project concerning the promotion and development of the agri-food industry in her home country. Astou is particularly interested in the issue of resource allocation and aspires to reduce food insecurity in Africa. She would like to start a company in the agri-food sector to modernise farming practices and develop trade integration between African countries.

Zipporah Gakuu is a graduate of Starehe Girls High School in Nairobi, Kenya. The year after finishing high school, Zipporah joined the Child Vision Support Foundation as a volunteer coordinator. There she took part in the collection and distribution of sanitary products for disadvantaged young women in Nairobi. After her Bachelor's degree at Sciences Po, Zipporah wants to complete a Master of International Relations and become involved in defending women's and children's rights in Africa with organisations such as Amnesty International.  

Apply to the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

Scholarships for the 2018/2019 academic year are awarded in collaboration with a network of partner institutions authorised to nominate candidates.

Eligibility assessment

Candidates must apply online on the dedicated website. There are two steps to the application:
  • First, candidates provide personal information and a letter of recommendation from the Sciences Po partner institution which is supporting their application through the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.
  • After this first step to assess eligibility, applicants receive an email inviting them to complete the rest of the application: information on their financial situation, their educational background and extra-curricular experiences, and their plans for the future.
Eligibility for the scholarship is determined in light of candidates' academic record and socio-economic situation.

Application fee waiver

Eligible candidates will receive email notification that they can apply online without having to pay the application fee.
Important: eligibility for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program does not guarantee admission to Sciences Po, which entails a separate application process.

Apply to Sciences Po

The application to Sciences Po is then assessed as per the standard admission procedure for the chosen programme: Bachelor's, Master's or Summer School.

Award of the scholarship

Applications for the Mastercard Foundation scholarship will be considered only for candidates admitted to Sciences Po at the end of the admission process.
Important: admission to Sciences Po does not guarantee award of the scholarship.

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