Commonwealth Scholarships: Studying In the UK or SA With a Scholarship 2018 / 2019

Most of the scholarships available with Commonwealth scholarships are for study in the UK. However, there are some that offer study in South Africa. Most of these are presented to candidates wanting to complete their Master’s and Doctoral studies. Applicants are awarded scholarships based on their academic excellence. Commonwealth scholarships assist applicants from around the world. Allowing talented individuals to reach their goals and dreams by becoming qualified in their field.

Commonwealth Scholarships Available

There is a wide selection of scholarships available. Master’s fields, postgraduate and undergraduate fields may all be included. Below is some of the basic fields you can consider with commonwealth scholarships.

Fields available for Commonwealth scholarships:

Commonwealth Scholarships


Depending on the field you intend to study, the requirements varies. Each company may also have additional stipulations that must be met. If so, these will be stipulated on their website. Below is some stipulations you can use as a guideline.
Commonwealth scholarship requirements:
  • Applicants must hold a legal ID document and where needed Passport
  • Applicants must be citizens of South Africa
  • You must have a valid Grade 12 certificate
  • The academic records must prove a commitment to excelling


Commonwealth scholarships application are available through each institute or company offering these. Once the scholarship closing date is reached, the selection process will commence. Applications missing documentation or that is incomplete, arrived late or not signed by the applicant will be discarded. Only applicants that make it to the shortlist will be contacted. Once applications close interviews may be arraigned with selected applicants. If you do not hear from the company in a 3-months period after the closing date, your application was likely not selected. Please ensure all contact detail is current and working. All documents must be certified copies and not the originals.

Closing Date

The closing date for each scholarship available will be set by the institute offering it. Most of these close during the last three months of the year. Study commences the beginning of the next year for successful candidates. Applicants who are selected to make the shortlist will be contacted. If you are not contacted, your application was not selected. Many of these institutes do allow unsuccessful applicants to apply the following year again. So, never give up on your dreams, next year may be your turn. Or, you may find another scholarship that you are selected for.