Cape Town Vacancies : 7 Tech Skills You Need to Land a Job in Marketing

Pic : Best Tech Skills You Need to Land a Job in Marketing -Whether you are a recent graduate trying to land your first job, or you already have some years of experience in the field, you have to be on top of your online game if you want to land a new job in marketing. Marketing is an ever-evolving and diversifying field and you need to master an endless list of tech tools and skills to have an advantage over other applicants.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what will make your site or content rank higher in the results in search engines. Just by using the right terms you could be one of the first links in the google results page. This helps companies to get more traffic to their sites and sell more of their products and/or services.

Data analytics

Marketing a product doesn’t only mean being creative about how to present it; it also means knowing who you are reaching. The modern marketing employee needs to be able to use programs like Google Analytics to collect insight on what is working for which people and what isn’t, so the strategy can be adjusted accordingly.

Building an online presence

As a marketing employee you need to know how to build an online presence and increase the amount of followers, interaction and likes on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other relevant social media networks. Customer engagement is vital for creating brand awareness and expanding the reach of a company. Without a solid strategy it is hard to connect with customers in the most effective way.

Mastering niche tools and trends

If you want to be a step ahead of other job applicants in the marketing industry you need to prove that you’re always ready to explore and use the latest tools and trends in the digital- and marketing world. You need to be able to adapt and make the most of, for instance, the latest Apple gadget or Facebook application.

Making the most of mobile

Most people can’t imagine their life without a mobile phone anymore, and when you don’t have it on you, you feel like something is missing. Savvy marketers make use of that opportunity to connect with consumers, and as an aspiring employee in the sector you’ll need to show how you will implement marketing strategies and campaigns into the mobile space.

Online video

More than a classic good advertisement, a viral video is every marketer’s dream. Knowing how to shoot and edit a good quality video with a minimum of means, for instance, just your smartphone, will give you a head start over other job hunters. A compelling content-driven video may create a more meaningful interaction with consumers.


Having a basic knowledge of HTML or CSS is becoming a basic requirement for a lot of jobs. We know that you're a marketer, not a developer, but life will get hard if you need help for every simple issue you encounter that has to do with the code. You don't need to be able to create the next great web app, but you need to know, for example, how to tweak the content you created and how to fix simple styling issues.