Best Hijab Fashion Styles Campus 2018

Whether there’s a season change associated with back to school for you or not, the beginning of another school year is usually when many people want to freshen up their wardrobe and change their look.

Below, I’ve included a collection of different back to school outfit ideas in a variety of different styles. Hope you find it useful!

There’s no reason why you still can’t wear maxi dresses or skirts, especially if the weather is nice. Instead of flowing skirts, you could aim for more structured maxi dresses and skirts and then pair them with a blazer or a tucked in oxford shirt. If you wear hijab, you could add an extra knitted scarf around the neck for warmth or just for fun to add some colour or patterns! Finish your look with ankle boots or flats.

Or if you prefer to wear trousers, you could wear a flowy, loose top and add a structured, fitted blazer on top. Or if you want something more casual, you could wear a loose, long cardigan. To make it more formal, you could also wear a collar shirt underneath and roll the sleeves of the sweater to show the cuffed sleeves of the shirt.

If you want to change up your look and move away from jeans, you could try printed pants, which add a fun touch to any outfit! If you go for printed pants, pair them with a simpler, more neutral coloured top or sweater. If printed pants aren’t really your thing, you could also break the monotony by wearing coloured pants. While pastels might seem more summery, you could try  brown or tan coloured pants. Darker colours like maroon and forest green look lovely in the Fall too, and aren’t too bright.

Whatever your classic look for school is, try changing it up this Fall! There’s no need to revamp your whole wardrobe when it comes time for school; so many girls get caught up in the whole back to school shopping craze, but you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe to change up your style. You can easily experiment with the things already in your closet. If you constantly wear the same things together, try breaking up the pieces and separating them and trying them with other things. You never know what you could discover!

Hope you beautiful girls found these back to school outfit ideas useful! Keep smiling.

With love.