Are You Looking For Agriculture Scholarships In South Africa 2018? -Agriculture includes a wide selection of fields. It is not only about vegetation or planting and growing crops. It includes livestock, food, fungi, biofuel and medicine. Agriculture is vital to the survival of humankind. Modern agriculture includes the study of pesticides, fertilizer, plant breeding, growth hormones, animal welfare, climate control, fuels, raw material and global warming.
One has to learn about the changing environment, soil, irrigation, planting, pollution, animal herding and breeding, soil nutrients and how to control many aspects that at times may be out of your hands. It is a hard field, yet, it is very rewarding.

Agricultural Scholarships Available

Agriculture is a field with multiple possibilities. It offers satisfying career options and study into many directions. Below is some of the fields you may consider when seeking a scholarship.
Agricultural scholarship fields:

Companies offering agriculture scholarships

Agricultural Scholarships Requirements

There are some basic requirements that are similar to most companies. You can use these listed as a guideline. Still, you must be sure to meet the requirements as set out by the company you intend applying to.
Agricultural Stipulations may include:
  • Learners must not be older than 35 years of age
  • You must be a citizen of South Africa
  • You must possess a legal ID Document/book and/or Passport if necessary
  • Learners must have a Matric certification
  • Candidates must hold outstanding academically marks
  • Subject to the field of submission, you may require a certificate or degree
  • Learners must be unemployed
  • You must be fluent in English
  • Learners must have exceptional communication skills
  • You must love nature and be dedicated to pursue your chosen field
Applicants who have a disability may also apply. Nonetheless, you must provide a medical certificate that states the nature of the disability. Most scholarships cover full tuition, registration fees, accommodation, and meals. Some may also provide pocket money, book fees, and airfare if required.

Agriculture Scholarships Application

Each institute or company offering these scholarships will have their application process explained on their website. Agricultural scholarships application online is available with most companies. Yet, there are some that have other methods of application.

Learners who are nominated will be added to the shortlist. Only those who make it onto this list will be communicated with. If you do not hear from a company in three months, your application may not have been successful. Applicants may be asked to attend an interview and examinations, or assessments before awarding of the scholarship. It is advantageous to submit recommendation letters and a complete CV with the application.

Agriculture Scholarships Closing Date

Agricultural scholarships closing date cannot be specified as each company or institute offering these will have different dates. You will find more detail and a closing date on the website of the company you intend applying to. Please note that late applications will not be taken into consideration. Applications missing documentation or that are not completed in full will also not be considered.