New Credit Deletion Letter Template

Credit Deletion Letter Template

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_Cape Town ________

Subject – Credit deletion letter

Dear Sir /madam

This letter is being written to you in respect of the previous recovering bills letters which are sent by you to the bank so as to get payment of the outstanding bills. As of today, we are making you aware about the management committee resolution. The resolution says that the old bills which have remained outstanding have to be cleared. Your payment of Rs._____(mention the amount) has not been paid from last two years. So the management informs you that they are deleting this amount of Rs._____(mention the amount) from their report regarding outstanding bills. 

However we would like to tell you that it will be really good if you clear the said payment. It will be good for you as your credit rating is going to enhance. This will also help to maintain your good record with the bank.

Thanking you