Make it a home, rented or not

Textiles are one of the easiest ways to dress up a rental home. From upholstery fabrics to rugs, you can pick and choose colours and patterns that complement your decor style and bring layers of texture into living rooms to overcome the stark, empty look of a rental home.

Shop at your favourite home decor stores for accessories that can fill up the space with personality and charm... your personality, and you will find that rooms will come to live without ever hammering a nail into the wall.

Most landlords set down rules for rental properties, and while paying the rent on time is probably top of the list, so is adding your own personal touch. It is possible to work within the conditions of your rental agreement to add a few touches here and there that won't cost a fortune, and that you will be able to take with you when you move on.

If you absolutely must paint the walls, speak to your landlord and come to an agreement that you will use neutral or muted colours - or agree to paint them white again before you leave. Not all landlords are ogres, and engaging in discussion may be to the benefit of both parties, especially if the property is in need of some TLC.

The same applies to a couple of picture hangers here and there, but obviously not everywhere! It's easy to fill a nail hole with interior crack filler, sand it smooth and then paint over. If you plan of staying for a while and want to make it more homey or do small fix-ups, discuss your options with the landlord.